Run, read and write model state of a numerical simulation written in a variety of languages remotely from Python

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What grpc4bmi can do for you

  • Successfully used in a handful of hydrology simulation models
  • Models must implement the standard set of methods called the Basic Modeling Interface
  • Wraps a model in a server process and communicates with it via the included Python client
  • Possible to run multiple instance of model which could not be run within the same process before
  • Supports running a model in a variety of languages on the server side and interact with the model from Python
  • Connect to a remote model using a network connection to another server or a container like Docker or Singularity
  • Multi-scale & multi model simulations
Programming Language
  • Python
  • R
  • C++
  • C
  • Fortran
  • Apache-2.0
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  • Gijs van den Oord
    Netherlands eScience Center
  • Stefan Verhoeven
    Netherlands eScience Center
  • Inti Pelupessy
    Netherlands eScience Center
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Gijs van den Oord
Netherlands eScience Center

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