The storyboards application allows you to host a collection of stories using an intuitive layout.

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What Storyboards can do for you

  • Showcase project outputs formatted as storyboards
  • Authoring stories in simple markdown format
  • Hosted for free on GitHub pages

Originally used by movie directors, a storyboard consists of a series of images that together form a story. These storyboards have nothing to do with filmmaking, but the term still seems appropriate to convey their essence.

The storyboards somehow hold the middle between a scientific poster and a traditional slide-deck presentation. The inspiration for this particular layout comes from R's flexdashboard. The main content is shown prominently, with room for annotations on the side. This makes it great as a stand-alone presentation format.

Moreover, the layout is optimized for (interactive) viewing on a computer screen. The top bar allows the user to navigate the different "chapters", and the static images that make up the main content can be replaced by interactive visualizations. This makes the storyboard a modern alternative to scientific posters or slide decks.

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  • JavaScript
  • Apache-2.0
  • CC-BY-4.0
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