CleanX is an open-source python library for exploring, cleaning and augmenting large datasets of X-rays, or certain other types of radiological images.

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What cleanX can do for you

  • Workflow demos included as Jupyter notebooks
  • Enables data augmentation
  • Able to process metadata from csv, json or other formats
  • Command line interface available

Images can be extracted from DICOM files or used directly. The primary authors are Candace Makeda H. Moore, Oleg Sivokon, and Andrew Murphy. CleanX allows users to do many data exploration and preprocessing steps to prepare images for machine learning algorithms.

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  • Image processing
  • Machine learning
Programming Language
  • Python
  • GPL-3.0
Source code


  • Candace Makeda Moore
    Netherlands eScience Center
Contact person
Candace Makeda Moore
Netherlands eScience Center

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