Retrieves and converts patient records from a FHIR endpoint and uploads it to a CAPACITY registry.

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What FHIR to CAPACITY can do for you

  • FHIR-to-CAPACITY provides an automated way for hospitals to upload electronic health records on from COVID-19 patients to the centralized CAPACITY registry
  • FHIR-to-CAPACITY queries patient data from a specified FHIR endpoint and converts it into records compliant with the CAPACITY codebook
  • Much of the data for CAPACITY is still entered by hand. FHIR-to-CAPACITY provides a piece of the puzzle for hospitals to automate the process

The FAIR data for CAPACITY project aims to automate the process of uploading data on COVID-19 patients to the central CAPACITY registry. However, the data models for electronic health records vary a lot per hospital.

In the FAIR data for CAPACITY project we aim to generalize the process as much as possible by requiring that the hospital data should be converted to the FHIR format first. After this conversion, which has to be customized per hospital, the final conversion can be picked up by FHIR to CAPACITY. This software will convert the FHIR data into records that are compliant with the CAPACITY codebook and will upload it to the REDCap registry that has been provided by the user.

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  • Python
  • Apache-2.0
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  • Djura Smits
    Netherlands eScience Center

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