Annotate field books of natural history collections

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What sfb-annotator can do for you

  • web application that enables semantic annotation of historical collection using controlled vocabularies and ontologies
  • a user draws bounding boxes over image scans and describes their contents (e.g., an organism, with associated measurements or facts, that was found at some location and/or point in time)
  • the annotations of transcribed text are stored in a knowledge base (RDF store) and are accessible via a SPARQL endpoint and Web API

The Semantic Field Book Annotator is a web application developed for domain experts to harvest structured annotations from field books, drawings and specimen labels of natural history collections. Users can draw bounding boxes over (zoomable) image scans of historical field notes, to which annotations can be attached. All metadata regarding an annotation event, annotation provenance, transcription and semantic interpretation of the text are stored in a knowledge base, which is accessible via a SPARQL endpoint and Web API.

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  • Inter-operability & linked data
Programming Language
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Apache-2.0
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  • Lise Stork
    Leiden University
  • Arnold Kuzniar
    Netherlands eScience Center
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Lise Stork
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